Ashwagandha Plus Herbal Coffee

Ashwagandha Plus Herbal Coffee

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Ashwagandha Herbal Coffee - 100 gms

- Enjoy the benefits of herb Ashwagandha in the popular coffee flavour.  In Ayurvedic literature Ashwagandha has been described for providing calming, antistress and rejuvenative effect. Ashwagandha is considered as 'Rasayan' in Ayurved and is considered to have calming effect.
- The dark rich flavour of Chicory (Kasni) is best known as a substitute for Coffee, but it is considered as a bitter digestive tonic and has diuretic properties.

Benefits :
- Considered to have stress relieving properties
- Supports resistance to fatigue
- May have calming effect
- Kasni is considered to have diuretic properties.
- Ashwagandha may help enhance energy and act as a rejuvenator

Direction of Use:
Take 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day. Place one teaspoon into a cup. Add very hot (not boiling) water, stir. Add milk and sugar to taste if desired.