Care Your Kidney - Stonhills  - Value Pack Tablets

Care Your Kidney - Stonhills - Value Pack Tablets

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Stonhills Value Pack 900 Tablets - Kidney Care
- Stonhills Is The Natural Way To A Healthy Kidney. Stone Hills Is A Balanced Formula Of Time Tested Herbs Known In Ayurveda For Promoting Kidney Health.                                  
- Pashanbhed And Punarnava Are Considered To Have Diuretic Properties And May Help To Flush Out Kidney Stone.
- Palash Pushpa Has Diuretic And Detoxifying Properties And Helps To Regulate Urinary Tract Functions
- Gokshur Is Helpful In Efficient Kidney Functioning And Urinary Tract Functioning.
- Yavashar (Alkali Preparation Made From Whole Barley Plant) Helps To Flush Out The Stones And Helps Maintain Urinary Tract.
Benefits :
- Has Diuretic Properties Thus  Helps To Flush Out The Stones.      
- Helps Maintain Optimum Kidney Health.                              
- Helps Maintain Urinary Tract Functioning.

Direction For Use :

Take 1 Tablet Twice Daily After Meals Or As Directed By The Physician.