Spirulina - Value Pack 900 Tablets

Spirulina - Value Pack 900 Tablets

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Spirulina is a solitary cell plant from the blue green growth species. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, hostile to oxidants and chlorophyll.

- Spirulina is widely utilized worldwide as a Nutraceutical sustenance supplement.
- Spirulina a rich wellspring of Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, Amino acids, Proteins that assistance in advancing vitality, quality and support Immunity.
- Spirulina is an astounding Rejuvenator and aides in enhancing imperativeness
- Antioxidant property battles against free radicals, harming essential organs

Advantages :

- Helps to Rejuvenate, Energize and Revitalize body and its capacities
- Helps to support Immunity and battle against maladies
- Antioxidant property ensures imperative organs in long standing sicknesses.

Direction of Use:

Take 2 tablets twice per day for keeping up great wellbeing. It ought to in a perfect world be tackled vacant stomach before suppers. For better results it ought to be brought with lukewarm water.